WATERS: Drugs have no place in our sport

MOTOCROSS: Motul MX Nationals third-placed rider Todd Waters has urged the sport’s bosses to continue their tough stance against drugs ahead of Sunday’s final round at Coolum.

His call came after brothers Jake and Matt Moss’ positive test for the drug Ostarine, a steroid-like drug which is prohibited for use by the World Anti Doping Agency.

Earlier this month Motorcycling Australia released a statement which said the riders would be suspended provisionally “until the matter is resolved as per ASADA’s guidelines.”

Waters, 25, has seen too many friends turn to drugs, and has used motocross to escape that scene.


He said it was indeed a family sport, for the simple reason a 12-year-old doesn’t have $7000 to buy a bike.

Their introduction has to come via parents, who would be watching how the elite bosses act on issues such as drugs.

“I hope they take a tougher stance,” he said.

“(Drugs are) a terrible thing. I hope that (tougher stance) directs people coming into our sport and seeing it can be enjoyed by the whole family.”

The sport is experiencing a massive regrowth in popularity of late, with riders gaining celebrity status via the help of social media and online streaming.

Waters said it gave him a kick to see the sport back on the up, after it took a sharp dive from the popularity it experience in the early 2000s.

“It’s important for us racers, we need fans,” he said.

“Back in 2000 motocross was huge and it had kind of taken a big dive but it’s really good to see it back on the up.”

Waters will give series leader Kirk Gibbs a 24-point headstart heading into Sunday’s final round of the MX1 450 Pro Championship at Coolum after joining Wilson MX Suzuki Racing Team at the start of the season.

While he admits he’s disappointed at being virtually outside striking distance of a series championship in his first season back from racing on the MXGP World Championship circuit for Husqvana in Europe, he said he would enjoy the final round. “I love Coolum, it’s always good and the atmosphere’s great,” he said.

“We had a bad one in Toowoomba last weekend so we’re not as close as we should be but, you know, that’s racing.”

The man everyone trying to catch is Kirk Gibbs, who is six points clear of second- placed rider Dean Ferris.

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