Dirt Bike, Motorsports, Moto Cross, and Motor Cross Enduro Helmet Cameras

Motocross_helmetRacing motocross or riding trail bikes?  Then recording your ride with a helmet cam is important and necessary to relive your adrenalin pumping rides.  Using a helmet camera system with one camera cable is a must when riding a dirt bike or motorcycle.  The less wires the less hassle!  Bullet Cam Helmet Camera systems such as the ELMO SUV Cam II, has a waterproof camera head that is resistant up to 132 feet.  Great feature bullet camera systems like the ELMO provide a DVR LCD screen for instant play back viewing.  These systems typically record with a high capacity SD card.  You can get up to 6 hours of recording at the highest resolution.  Helmet cam systems with good DVD quality recording range from $400 to $ 600 dollars on average.

Watch and listen to your videos right on the DVR’s monitor, with the SD Card in your computer, or on your TV. Movies can be easily downloaded to a PC.  You can burn your movies to a DVD or review your video on TV for your friends and family to watch. These types of camera systems are light weight and easy to use.  Mount the small camera head anywhere you like such as your riding gear, handle bars, or helmet to record your action packed moments.

If you are on a more practical or limited budget, the bullet cam DVR systems are great for the price but a little more to deal with.   These helmet [http://www.actionvideocams.com/products/VholdR.html] camera video camera systems typically range about $ 400 for the DVR unit and bullet cam. You will have more wires with a bullet camera DVR system and a battery pack too, but the quality of video is extremely good for the price.Whether you’re riding at Daytona or riding the trails, you will need to capture all your riding memories with a DVD quality video camera. A reputable website, such as ActionVideoCams.com features many helmet camera systems to fit your personal needs.

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