All About Motocross Events and Motor Bike Riders

Ken Roczen Motocross JumpMotocross is all about the fizz of heart stopping motion. Motocross event and motor bike rider have gained lots of popularity over the past few years. Nowadays, they give audience the great-delegated pleasure of the race. The splinters flying in different directions; the friction that occurs within the wheels and fan getting close to the rider; all these factors makes for amazing artistry, one that is adequate to put the spectators in awe.

Dirt bike races and events generally take place in off – road circuits. Moreover, challenging terrains enhances the thrill. In fact, dirt bike events can assume two great types. It can be either a super cross racing or a motocross racing. Motocross racing stretches over the course of two miles and off road challenges twirls them into a good tussle. Having said this, the natural obstructions fail to pose any huge hindrance. Due to this, there are various man made challenges that are introduced to the racing. A lot of dirt is mounted, and then racing tracks are made from the dirt. Such surfaces can be very slithery and requires exquisite skills.

On the other hand, tracks for super cross racing events are constructed in indoor stadiums, and these are not very large. To add to the steepness of this race, people associated this kind of racing augments, these tracks with dirt. Very few riders, only 20 percent of them participate in it, and most of them fail to cross the finish line intact.

Let us look at different types of motocross races:


This type of motocross racing event begin in the late 1970s as a fun for motocross riders. In this type of race, motocross bikes which are designed to ride on dirt, are tailored, so that they can easily compete on pavements and dirt. The Supermoto racetracks consist of both the pavement and dirt. These bikes have special tires with special types of grooves that can easily handle both dirt and pavement tracks during the same race.

Trials Motocross

This is a most easy kind of time trial race. In this race, motocross riders race on a timed track. Therefore, instead of jumps or tricks, the focus of the race is completely on to beat the best time or to get the best time.


Freestyle race is commonly called FMX. The major difference between the regular and freestyle race is that bikers try hard to gain points from the judges on the basis of tricks they perform. These tricks include the under flip, carolla, tsunami, back flip, front flip, sidewinder and scorpion, among dozens of other tricks. Additionally, there are different types of take offs and landings. Sidesaddle, one handed, no handed, you name it, and you have it. Two of the most famous motocross riders include Mike Metzger and Carey Hart.

Hill Climb:

It is very similar to its name. Riders have to go up a hill in the fastest time possible. It is also called hill climbing race.

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