Dirty motorcycle motocross helmet with goggles

Moto-X Cross

Hawthorne Moto-X track is a newly established 1 1/4 mile dirt track designed for Moto-X  and ATV’s larger than 50cc to ride and race (FREE OVERNIGHT CAMPING in Hawthorne at the track). For the safety of the little ones, MXHA developed a separate Pee Wee track for those motorcycle enthusiasts that “live to ride” but are in the Pee Wee class. The Pee Wee track is adjacent to the main track for the convenience of the parents to easily help their Pee Wee rider during practice and race.

Affiliated Organization: Sierra Motocross Racing Association (Fernley International Raceway in Fernley, NV, Mustang MX Facility in Reno, NV, and Winnemucca Regional Raceway in Winnemucca, NV.

TT Flat Track Facility

MXHA’s flat track has a separate mini-TT track on the infield to accommodate kids racing at Hawthorne, NV. This flat track is designed to provide entertainment for all motorcycles and Quad riders.

NON-Profit Organization

MXHA Organization: MXHA is a non-profit organization originated in Hawthorne, NV. All track workers and officers are volunteer and do not get paid. MXHA promotes safe, fun, organized moto-X  and Flat Track TT racing for all. If you would like to volunteer to help during races, please contact us: info@http://mxha.org/ 

Airman finds motocross racing ultimate ‘stress reliever’

MCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE, Kan. (AFNS) — His heart is racing and his entire nervous system is pulsing with adrenalin. He revs the engine of his dirt bike easing the tension before the race begins. This rider isn’t a full-time member of motocross circuit, but a McConnell AFB officer who uses the sport as the ultimate stress reliever.

2nd Lt. Michael Reardon’s involvement with motocross provides him with more than a source of weekend thrills; it’s an effective stress reliever.As the 22nd Civil Engineer Squadron’s deputy chief of program development, he sees the sport as the perfect adrenalin rush.

“As soon as that gate drops, your body is so full of energy,” said Reardon. “You can just ride on forever.

“If I’m stressed out from work or have too much on my plate,” said Reardon “I can always just load up my bike and relieve some of that stress on the track. I get in my own little world and don’t have to worry about anything else that’s going on.”

People often ask Reardon why he participates in such a high risk activity. He usually replies “it’s only dangerous if you let it be dangerous. The sport is much safer if you don’t exceed your own limits.”

‘Staying within your limits’ is a concept that Reardon’s stepfather, John Blakely, emphasized when teaching his children to ride. It may have influenced Reardon in acquiring his conservative riding style.

“I have always been very careful as to how I approached the sport with regard to my children,” said Blakely. “This sport isn’t basketball; you can really get hurt or die, so it’s imperative to ride smart and safe. I taught him about how to approach difficult track obstacles objectively.”

According to Blakely, Reardon has experienced quite a few crash and burns throughout his 14 years of dirt biking, yet he never experienced a serious injury.

Growing up with a background in motocross has provided Reardon with a series of life lessons that continue on today.

“This hobby requires intense focus and mastery,” Reardon said. “Each type of jump and turn, you begin to master them at different speeds. If you’re going too fast your riding is going to get all ‘out of wack’ and the same goes for your work.”

To improve his technique and receive feedback, Reardon sends his stepfather videos taken from a camera attached to his helmet.

“Michael would not only listen to my advice, he would actually remember to use it on the track,” said Blakely. “That quality and some good luck have gone a long way in keeping him safe.”

Another element that has attracted Reardon to the world of motocross is its sense of community. Racers often have hours to wait between racing events – plenty of time to meet fellow competitors and spectators.

“It’s nice to know that in this community, people are pretty accepting of you, regardless of your origins,” said Reardon. “I find myself meeting all kinds of people from different backgrounds”

Motocross is only one of the outlets Reardon sought out for recreation. He also snowboards, shoots pistols competitively, and has a history with soccer, football and track and field. He pushes other Airmen to find their own forte.

“I like to encourage my Airmen to come out and find something that they like to do, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should hop on a bike,” said Reardon. “I just think it’s healthy for them to take their minds off work and get involved with something outside of the base.”

Whether it is motocross or collecting stamps, a hobby requires some form of investment. According to Reardon’s philosophy, a little devotion can go a long ways.

“There’s commitment everywhere, whether it’s with your work, hobbies, family and relationships,” said Reardon “so don’t be afraid to be committed to something. You’ll have highs and lows, but ultimately if you stick with your commitment it’s going to be beneficial and rewarding to you in the end.”

Source: http://www.af.mil/News/ArticleDisplay/tabid/223/Article/467845/airman-finds-motocross-racing-ultimate-stress-reliever.aspx

Injury puts champ off the track

motocross-injuryRECENTLY crowned national motocross champion Ford Dale has been cut down by another serious knee injury, ruling him out of the Australian supercross season.

One of the sport’s rising stars, the Sunshine Coast rider was in the form of his life before he tore an anterior cruciate ligament in Japan last weekend.

“I’m gutted,” he said. “It sucks because I’ve felt really good on the bike this year. It had been going great.”

The Honda racer hopes to undergo LARS surgery in an effort to return to the ranks of the sport in quick time.

“I’ve got a lot of swelling at the moment but as soon as I get rid of that, then I’ll get the knee reconstruction as soon as I can,” he said.

“It’s not good to get an injury but it’s better to have it now than at the start of next year because I should have time to recover and prepare for the next Australian Motocross Championship, which starts in March.

“A full recon is about six months, but I’m trying to get an artificial ligament put in, so that would be a lot less time. It would only be about three to four months.”

Agonisingly, it is the second time in as many years Dale has succumbed to a serious knee injury.

In 2011, he ruptured anterior cruciate and medial ligaments, but he bounced back in style this season to claim the national 250 championship, which culminated at Coolum in August.

Buoyed by the breakthrough, Dale was keen to make his mark during the spring as well but he came unstuck in the first round of the Australian Supercross Championship at Dubbo earlier this month when he partially tore his anterior cruciate ligament.

It was not enough to deter him from accepting an invitation to compete in the last round of the Japanese Motocross Championship and he made the most of the opportunity last weekend.

He dominated proceedings and claimed one race victory by a margin of 30 seconds, but felt his knee completely go.

“AFTER the supercross round, it was just a small knock. It hadn’t completely torn, but all it took was for me to put my foot down in Japan to completely tear it,” Dale said.

“I did it mid-race in the last moto. I was leading, so I got to finish and win the race but I was definitely in pain as I crossed the line. But that’s okay, that’s part of it.”

The setback has rubbed him out of the three remaining rounds of the national supercross series, but he hopes to make his mark in the 450 class when the national motocross championships start next year. Yesterday, he also revealed plans to tackle the lucrative US circuit in 2014.

“My goal next year is to win or finish in the top three of the Australian motocross series and then if everything goes to plan I will go to America,” he said.

Dale had wanted to test the waters in the US in January, but his latest injury cruelled that plan.

Source: http://www.cqnews.com.au/news/dale-forced-to-delay-us-plan-injury-puts-champ-off/1597864/

New race season begins

kid-motocrossDIRT will fly this weekend when the Rum City Motorcycle Club hosts the first round of its new season on Sunday.

Held at the motocross track on Bingera Weir Rd, there will be an eight-round season this year with the club happy with the entry list so far.

Club publicity officer Jonathon Blackley said there is plenty of excitement at the club.

“It looks really promising this year with many classes for juniors right up to 450cc bikes,” he said. “There will also be a lot of talented up and coming juniors competing this weekend.”

There will be 15 classes competing with plenty of battles expected between the riders.

Blackley added that one battle to watch will be between Slade Oberhardt and brothers Beau and Kody Tait. Last year they fought for the 50cc division two championship with Koby winning by 45 points over Oberhardt.

All three will compete in the same class this year, and also the 65cc division.

“Oberhardt is a very good rider with the Tait brothers hard to beat as well,” he said.

“Zak Small is another rider to look out for as he will be competing in state and national events this year.”

With Bundaberg set to host a round of the Sunshine State Series in May, Blackley said it provided riders with the perfect preparation for that event.

He added the club is getting stronger every year as well.

“Bundaberg is a strong club with a good track that is maintained well by our volunteers,” he said.

“We’re right up there with other clubs in the region.”

The club also welcomes any new members who want to participate.

“To join, just come down to the track, talk to one of the committee members, and get involved with the club,” he said.

“The sport is great for spectators and this weekend is free.

“We encourage everyone to come out and support the racers.”

Source: http://www.news-mail.com.au/news/new-race-season-begins/2944114/

WATERS: Drugs have no place in our sport

MOTOCROSS: Motul MX Nationals third-placed rider Todd Waters has urged the sport’s bosses to continue their tough stance against drugs ahead of Sunday’s final round at Coolum.

His call came after brothers Jake and Matt Moss’ positive test for the drug Ostarine, a steroid-like drug which is prohibited for use by the World Anti Doping Agency.

Earlier this month Motorcycling Australia released a statement which said the riders would be suspended provisionally “until the matter is resolved as per ASADA’s guidelines.”

Waters, 25, has seen too many friends turn to drugs, and has used motocross to escape that scene.


He said it was indeed a family sport, for the simple reason a 12-year-old doesn’t have $7000 to buy a bike.

Their introduction has to come via parents, who would be watching how the elite bosses act on issues such as drugs.

“I hope they take a tougher stance,” he said.

“(Drugs are) a terrible thing. I hope that (tougher stance) directs people coming into our sport and seeing it can be enjoyed by the whole family.”

The sport is experiencing a massive regrowth in popularity of late, with riders gaining celebrity status via the help of social media and online streaming.

Waters said it gave him a kick to see the sport back on the up, after it took a sharp dive from the popularity it experience in the early 2000s.

“It’s important for us racers, we need fans,” he said.

“Back in 2000 motocross was huge and it had kind of taken a big dive but it’s really good to see it back on the up.”

Waters will give series leader Kirk Gibbs a 24-point headstart heading into Sunday’s final round of the MX1 450 Pro Championship at Coolum after joining Wilson MX Suzuki Racing Team at the start of the season.

While he admits he’s disappointed at being virtually outside striking distance of a series championship in his first season back from racing on the MXGP World Championship circuit for Husqvana in Europe, he said he would enjoy the final round. “I love Coolum, it’s always good and the atmosphere’s great,” he said.

“We had a bad one in Toowoomba last weekend so we’re not as close as we should be but, you know, that’s racing.”

The man everyone trying to catch is Kirk Gibbs, who is six points clear of second- placed rider Dean Ferris.

Source: http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/waters-drugs-have-no-place-in-our-sport/3082743/

Death-defying thrills of motocross blasted

Motocross stunt

SILVERADO, Calif. — On a warm afternoon in late summer, about 250 motorcycle riders have converged at the Saddleback motocross track in Orange County, raising dust and an unholy racket as they test their skills on a tortuous series of jumps, curves and whoop-de-dos to the displeasure of some.

Among them is Chad Robbins, an explosive jumper who was returning after an accident a few nights ago. The 17-year-old from Brea had been attempting a 110-foot double jump and landed atop another rider, injuring his back. But it was no big deal, he said.

“I’ve broken my leg, my ankle, my toes, both arms, my knees,” he said. “Both wrists have rods in them. I’ve also been knocked out in a coma for two days.”

Asked why he was so willing to keep defying death, or at least paralysis, he said: “It’s worth the rush. Motocross is my life.”

Motocross–racing and stunt riding with off-road motorcycles on dirt tracks–has become one of the country’s fastest-growing sports, fueled by the gladiatorial spectacle of arena races, the astounding jumps and flips of freestyle riders, and what amateur and professional riders say is simply the intoxicating thrill of it.

But as the sport has grown, so has the number of injuries to riders. The number of motocross-related emergency room visits has doubled in recent years, to about 53,000 in 2000, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Devotion like Robbins’ makes people like Rick Sieman furious. Sieman, 62, founded Dirt Bike magazine in 1970. He is an editor for off-road.com, a veteran of about 3,000 off-road races, a former Supercross rider who survived a broken back at a 1979 event in Los Angeles and an outspoken advocate of safety in the sport, which he says glamorizes dangerous stunts.

“Professional Supercross racers have to sign their legal rights away,” he said. “They know that if you go out and get hurt, that’s the price you pay for being Evel Knievel.

“But in those stands is a kid with a little motorcycle. He goes out with his buddies and the first thing they do is find some huge jump and try to impress each other, and the trend continues. The wagons keep hauling these morons to the hospital,” he noted.

Source: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2002-09-16/news/0209160032_1_motocross-riders-off-road-races

All About Motocross Events and Motor Bike Riders

Ken Roczen Motocross JumpMotocross is all about the fizz of heart stopping motion. Motocross event and motor bike rider have gained lots of popularity over the past few years. Nowadays, they give audience the great-delegated pleasure of the race. The splinters flying in different directions; the friction that occurs within the wheels and fan getting close to the rider; all these factors makes for amazing artistry, one that is adequate to put the spectators in awe.

Dirt bike races and events generally take place in off – road circuits. Moreover, challenging terrains enhances the thrill. In fact, dirt bike events can assume two great types. It can be either a super cross racing or a motocross racing. Motocross racing stretches over the course of two miles and off road challenges twirls them into a good tussle. Having said this, the natural obstructions fail to pose any huge hindrance. Due to this, there are various man made challenges that are introduced to the racing. A lot of dirt is mounted, and then racing tracks are made from the dirt. Such surfaces can be very slithery and requires exquisite skills.

On the other hand, tracks for super cross racing events are constructed in indoor stadiums, and these are not very large. To add to the steepness of this race, people associated this kind of racing augments, these tracks with dirt. Very few riders, only 20 percent of them participate in it, and most of them fail to cross the finish line intact.

Let us look at different types of motocross races:


This type of motocross racing event begin in the late 1970s as a fun for motocross riders. In this type of race, motocross bikes which are designed to ride on dirt, are tailored, so that they can easily compete on pavements and dirt. The Supermoto racetracks consist of both the pavement and dirt. These bikes have special tires with special types of grooves that can easily handle both dirt and pavement tracks during the same race.

Trials Motocross

This is a most easy kind of time trial race. In this race, motocross riders race on a timed track. Therefore, instead of jumps or tricks, the focus of the race is completely on to beat the best time or to get the best time.


Freestyle race is commonly called FMX. The major difference between the regular and freestyle race is that bikers try hard to gain points from the judges on the basis of tricks they perform. These tricks include the under flip, carolla, tsunami, back flip, front flip, sidewinder and scorpion, among dozens of other tricks. Additionally, there are different types of take offs and landings. Sidesaddle, one handed, no handed, you name it, and you have it. Two of the most famous motocross riders include Mike Metzger and Carey Hart.

Hill Climb:

It is very similar to its name. Riders have to go up a hill in the fastest time possible. It is also called hill climbing race.

This piece of information will surely add to the knowledge of the mx events fans.

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Dirt Bike, Motorsports, Moto Cross, and Motor Cross Enduro Helmet Cameras

Motocross_helmetRacing motocross or riding trail bikes?  Then recording your ride with a helmet cam is important and necessary to relive your adrenalin pumping rides.  Using a helmet camera system with one camera cable is a must when riding a dirt bike or motorcycle.  The less wires the less hassle!  Bullet Cam Helmet Camera systems such as the ELMO SUV Cam II, has a waterproof camera head that is resistant up to 132 feet.  Great feature bullet camera systems like the ELMO provide a DVR LCD screen for instant play back viewing.  These systems typically record with a high capacity SD card.  You can get up to 6 hours of recording at the highest resolution.  Helmet cam systems with good DVD quality recording range from $400 to $ 600 dollars on average.

Watch and listen to your videos right on the DVR’s monitor, with the SD Card in your computer, or on your TV. Movies can be easily downloaded to a PC.  You can burn your movies to a DVD or review your video on TV for your friends and family to watch. These types of camera systems are light weight and easy to use.  Mount the small camera head anywhere you like such as your riding gear, handle bars, or helmet to record your action packed moments.

If you are on a more practical or limited budget, the bullet cam DVR systems are great for the price but a little more to deal with.   These helmet [http://www.actionvideocams.com/products/VholdR.html] camera video camera systems typically range about $ 400 for the DVR unit and bullet cam. You will have more wires with a bullet camera DVR system and a battery pack too, but the quality of video is extremely good for the price.Whether you’re riding at Daytona or riding the trails, you will need to capture all your riding memories with a DVD quality video camera. A reputable website, such as ActionVideoCams.com features many helmet camera systems to fit your personal needs.

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Some Cool Picks From Motor Cross Clothing


Biking is no longer only a game or national level sport. People do it out of hobby, fashion and profession too. Likewise, bike accessories and apparels also are not limited to the game alone. You can now sport motocross clothing including tees, shirts, hooded shirts and sweatshirts. They are easily available with cool graphics, funky prints and witty quotes. Today, most of the brands introduce their own line of t-shirts for men, women and youngsters. Let’s have a look at some of the ‘must have’ apparels.

Sport Jackets

It is considered to be the ultimate fashion statement and riding essential when it comes to riding apparels. Their purpose is not only to give a casual and cool look to the rider but also to provide warmth and safety. Today, one can easily get amazing motocross jackets from the many online stores and brands.

Browse the numerous websites and select your pick according to your choice and budget. You can pick heavy duty leather jackets that give out a rugged and bold look, or else select funky fleece jackets that offer cosiness and comfort. And if you are confused regarding what to pick, then check out some latest reviews given by consumers who have bought these apparels.


There is not a single wardrobe that doesn’t have a cool pair of jeans today. A simple pair of jeans looks peppy when teamed up with a causal t-shirt or a crisp white formal shirt. Also, these jeans are great for motocross riding. The rugged denim not only keeps the rider snug and comfortable but also provides safety against scratches and small injuries that occur while driving. In order to add to the style, one can even try washed out and faded denims.

Trendy Shoes

When it comes to motocross riding, shoes ought to be tough and rugged as they have to bear all the skids, scratches and dust; one should avoid buying soft and classy shoes with shiny texture or those made from cloth.

The above-mentioned clothing are highly popular amongst youth and has become a ‘must have’ for your wardrobes. They are not only stylish and comfortable, but also exhibit the attitude and taste of the wearer who has an inclination towards sports.

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